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Type 1 diabetes: when doctors’ good advice turns bad


By Marika Sboros

Here’s a fascinating blog that throws up an ethical dilemma for doctors, nurses and dietitians who dish out orthodox advice for type 1 diabetes.

The writer is Lemming Test-Pilot, the alter ego of a British GP who has type 1 diabetes. Last year, Lemming ditched “the almost impossible dark art of carbohydrate counting”, went on a low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic diet and survived. Actually, Lemming  hasn’t just survived but has thrived in body and mind. And has been running half marathons faster ever since, even after fasting.

Doctors and nurses told Lemming to go on the wrong diet for type 1 diabetes for 20 years. Lemming is understandably miffed about that but says with admirable restraint: “Any other condition managed with the wrong treatment for 20 years would rightly merit a lawsuit. The guideline advisers are getting knighthoods.” Here is Lemming’s remarkable, poignant, real-life story:

A ‘cure’ for type 2 diabetes: Dr Jason Fung’s 2 easy steps

sugarAre you a type 2 diabetic, pre-diabetic or have a family history of diabetes? If so, this is one of the most important blogs you’ll ever read. It’s by Canadian nephrologist Dr Jason Fung. He doesn’t tell patients that type 2 diabetes is chronic, progressive and incurable. He says that is actually a ‘big, fat lie’. Fung had a Damascene moment a few years ago. He realised he was giving his diabetic, obese patients the wrong treatment. He was prescribing insulin according to orthodox medical protocols. He was making his patients fatter and sicker. Diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance, Fung says. In other words, it’s a disease of excess insulin. It is a dietary disease, he says, and you can’t cure dietary disease with drugs.  Here’s a shortened version of Fung’s blog with a link to the full version.  – Marika Sboros

By Jason Fung*

Most doctors, dietitians and diabetes specialists claim that type 2 diabetes is a chronic, progressive disease. The American Diabetes Association almost proudly proclaims this on its website. Once you get the diagnosis, it’s a life sentence. But it’s actually a great big lie:

Noakes: doctors, dietitians make diabetes a threat to life?

Screen Shot 2016-07-06 at 6.49.17 AMHere’s a sobering thought: many doctors and dietitians make diabetes life-threatening when it doesn’t have to be. They do that by giving the wrong dietary advice, says University of Cape Town emeritus professor Tim Noakes. To counter that, he  has set up The Noakes Foundation to do independent research into issues that include diabetes.

Here, Noakes, a medical doctor and nutrition specialist, looks at why conventional medical and dietetic advice on diabetes is likely to be  wrong. For starters, he shows why it has little if any science to back it up. Along the way, he shows why diabetes may turn out to be the most egregious example yet of iatrogenic (doctor-caused) disease. – Marika Sboros

Real diabetes cure: diet or trimming your innards?

diabetesBy Marika Sboros

What next! Doctors across the globe are now pushing bariatric surgery as a breakthrough new treatment for diabetes, and the closest modern medicine has come yet to a cure.

If you don’t know what bariatric surgery is, count yourself lucky. It’s an invasive surgery to reduce the size of the stomach or intestines. It is used to treat morbid obesity that is sometimes a close companion of diabetes – which is why doctors often refer to it as diabesity.

So far, most obesity specialists have recommended it as last resort for people who can’t lose weight by much less riskier means, such as:

Low-carb works for diabetes – why don’t more doctors advise it?

By Marika Sboros

Diabetes treatment is quietly undergoing transformation.

Diabetes treatment is quietly undergoing transformation.

Here’s food for thought: low-carbohydrate diets are shown to work very well for people with type 2 diabetes. Growing evidence shows that low-carb, high-fat diets can reverse the symptoms of diabetes completely, allowing many diabetics to come off medication altogether.

Yet many doctors, dietitians and government health services, such as the National Health Service in the UK,  still don’t advise them. 

Why ever not, you might well ask?

The writer of a blog on a global diabetes community website,, poses just that question – and suggests some answers:

A ‘cure’ for type 1 diabetes? Dr Eli Lewis on holy grail trail

Prof Eli LewisDIABETES is not always the chronic progressive condition most doctors and dietitians believe it to be. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes are shown to improve with diet. Now Israeli biochemistry and pharmacology professor Dr Eli Lewis could be changing the landscape significantly for type 1 diabetics. Here’s the background to his research on a new compound to treat the condition, and an update on a Q&A I had with him earlier this year. 

By Marika Sboros

Dr Eli Lewis, professor of clinical biochemistry and pharmacology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, just may have stumbled across one of modern medicine’s most enduring holy grails: a way to reverse type 1 diabetes safely and effectively. Better still,


EVERY now and then a study comes along with such suspect conclusions, you’d think the researchers would be too embarrassed to put their names to it. Not so the Australian scientists behind a study that purports to show the Paleo diet is dangerous for diabetics. And that it  will make them – and you – fat.  Silly stuff!

By Marika Sboros


Ingredients for a Paleo meal

Like all low-carb, high-fat eating regimens, Paleo is not so much a diet as a lifestyle. It’s one that has fans across the globe. They would have been surprised at Australian research apparently showing Paleo is dangerous and will make them fat.

That’s the conclusion Australian researchers draw  in a new study in Nutrition and Diabetes, journal. They warn that diabetics shouldn’t go on Paleo because it causes weight gain.

‘Cure’ for type 2 diabetes? A doctor’s personal journey

Jay Wortman

DIABETES is  chronic, irreversible and incurable, right?  It means that you have to take drugs for the rest of your life, right? Wrong. Only doctors and dietitians stuck in old paradigms will tell you that. Canadian physician Dr Jay Wortman will tell you differently. Thirteen years ago, he had all the symptoms of diabetes. Wortman was about to go the orthodox route but first cut all carbs (sugars and starches) from his diet.  Results were amazing.

In a few days, his symptoms vanished never to return. He doesn’t call it a cure but I’d say it’s the closest medical science is able to come to a cure for diabetes. Wortman is clinical assistant professor at the University of British Columbia’s faculty of medicine. He has done extensive research on traditional diets for obesity and type 2 diabetes. It is documented on the hit CBC documentary, My Big Fat Diet (to view it on YouTube, scroll down below). Here’s his personal story in a summary of his presentation to the low-carb, high-fat summit in Cape Town in February 2015. – Marika Sboros

By Jay Wortman

Ketogenic diet for obesity, metabolic syndrome and diabetes