Statins insanity: Sir Prof Collins of Statinshire at helm


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Doctors, with UK professor Sir Rory Collins at the helm, say we should all pop statins like smarties. Even if our tickers are ticking along very nicely.

Others say that’s unadulterated, mad-scientist nuttiness. South African scientist Prof Tim Noakes calls statins ‘the single most ineffective drug ever invented’. 

Here, UK blogger Nick Mailer deconstructs the man he calls  ‘Collins of Statinshire’. It’s a fascinating, considered read – and harsh for good reason. Collins is his own worst enemy in the harsh way he deals with criticism from peers.  – Marika Sboros


By Nick Mailer*

Many have written about Rory Collins, the man who would have pretty much all of us take statins. He has received even more publicity after his extraordinary outbursts against those who would question this “give statins to all” prescription.

Prof Rory Collins
Prof Rory Collins

His interventions include attempting to over-reach the BMA’s (British Medical Association’s) editorial  process, demonising those who disagree with him as “killers” and refusing to deal plainly with his manifest conflicts of interest. The fact that the very drug companies whose pills he works hard to exculpate largely fund his lab had to be dragged out of him.

So what is one to make of the man?

I considered it in some comment responses I made to other blogs. I distil those responses into the posting here:

Sir Professor Collins is inescapably corrupted. This is not to say that he willfully and mendaciously manipulates facts and data, nor that he takes bribes, nor any other such gross malfeasance.

Indeed, were he this caricature, twiddling his mustache and cackling manically, he’d be simpler to deal with. The complexity of the truth makes it much “worse” to deal with.




He is corrupted not by any venal, simple sociopathy, easily detected and flushed out, but via deep enculturation. And that systemic infection is much, much harder to expose and disinfect than a single bad apple in an otherwise fresh barrel.

He floats in a malignant meme-pool. It’s not surprising that his whole worldview, his perception of truth and his opinions of those who dare disagree, be discoloured by that murky meme-pool. The pool in question is filled with a number of dark, unprobed,

The pool in question is filled with a number of dark, unprobed, apriori assumptions, all of which conveniently and “coincidentally” bolster the pharmaco-industrial status quo.

Upton SInclair quoteSome of these memes derive directly and obviously from his funding sources. After all, they expect a return on their £300 million investment. Other assumptions derive from subtler patriarchal privileges.

And a more innocent remnant can be seen as a genuine, if metastasised, desire to defend Enlightenment values against barbarism and dark superstition.

So, it’s not surprising that a man who has spent his whole life literally institutionalised should react like this to those who question both him and the very bases of his institution. Indeed, to try to separate man from institution (The University of Oxford) in this instance is hopeless.

It’s  like asking “what is the cell – the mitochondrion or the nucleus”?

So, he barks angrily not only out of anger, but incomprehension. An attack on his institution is an attack on him. And vice versa.

Towered-ivory myopia is a wondrous malaise. His institution prizes a reductionist world-view, distilled into the “sell-a-pill” sine-qua-non notion of medicine so familiar to us all.

Any deviation from this world-view to Sir Professor is a suspicious deviancy by Dark-Age infective agents. And when a whippersnapper cheekily demands to see the data his paymasters have hidden, safe for his anointed eyes only, he can only interpret such a request as impudence.

Furthermore, his institutions and those in its orbit prize hierarchies and status beyond mere coin. The members of those institutions are keen gatekeepers to “proper” knowledge, to status, and to their own more primal self-interests equally. And so they guard those gates as vehemently as any Doberman.



Unfortunately, for Sir Professor, the proliferation of the Internet has empowered independent researchers competently to partake in scientific analysis beyond those gates, despite the best intents of the gate keepers.

This means that he must suffer impudent little barbarians – like you and me and everyone else here – who nip at his mighty heels and defy his haughty edicts, no matter how loudly he barks back. It must be very confusing for him, suddenly to have his citation-circle intruded upon by such “unwelcome externalities”.

It almost makes one feel sorry for the old dog. Until one remembers, again, the £300 mil or so his organisation pockets from organised crime*

* Before Sir Professor should sue in outrage at my painting his paymasters thus, he should note that I’m merely quoting a founder of the Cochrane Collaboration for evidence-based medicine, Peter Gøtzsche!



  1. Really, the author loses much credibility when attributing Collins’ lapses to “patriarchal privileges,” especially because the author fails to further elucidate on this point. And before anyone flames me, I agree that Collins’ approach and, indeed, his conclusions are not warranted by the science.

  2. Fine piece of writing! Wonder if he pops those little pills himself, and takes all the shots. We’ll never know. He is arrogant, and surely no scientist, any more than Ancel Keys was. A scientist evaluates evidence. He appears not to even be aware that there is actual evidence of the great harm done by these, and the rest of the pharmaceuticals and biologicals which are a modern scourge.

  3. Here’s Rory Collins’ email address:

    Send him the link to this article. Ask him to comment and defend himself about the facts contain herein. You may even like to tell him what you think about him as a “scientific” researcher, human being, and his morality towards humanity.

    • I have emailed Prof Collins frequently in the past, asking him for comment so I could give a balanced view. He has always declined. More fool him. He really is his own worst enemy. He feeds into impressions that he is arrogant.

      • @Marika
        Of course, that’s the expected reaction. I’m hoping your readers will pepper him with emails, so he realizes that he’s being publicly humiliated.

        Keep up your GREAT journalism and news curation , Marika!

        Silicon Valley

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